SleepyBearzxd Dragon Ball Z : New Beginnings
A random guy died, natural causes, God was bored, and here we are.
ZombieSage Pillaging Bandit in the World of Naruto
This novel is dropped because I want to write something else. Thank you for reading my story. :) Charles get struck by lightning and awakens as a bandit killed by ninjas from Konoha. Charles discorvers his bloodline after killing a bandit comrade is begging for death after being tortured. The Pillage bloodline gives him the ability to steal 1% chraka of his death foes and any one justsu or...
Sweet Western Treasure Matriarch is Pretty and Cool
Bai Chuwei has lived for five thousand years, and after becoming an ancestor of all human beings, she descends the mountains and initiates the plot of a novel. A new female student is transferred into Henghua Secondary School Year 3. The young lady has bright eyes, white teeth, red lips and her appearance is similar to an immortal fairy. But unfortunately, she has Eighth-Grader Syndrome. 老祖宗她又...

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